JASSFERRY New Heating Pump Hot Water Circulating Central System KBD20

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Heating Pump Hot Water Circulating Central System

  • - Single-phase canned motor circulation pump with CE certification
  • - Voltage/frequency: 230V/ 50HZ
  • - Artistic appearance, easy installation and reliable operation
  • - High efficiency,low noise, no leakage, ecological safety in operation
  • - 5 years warranty
Single-phase canned motor circulation pumps have these feature:low noise, no leakage, ecological satety in operation, artistic appearance, esay installation and high efficiency. Pumps can be used in single tube or double tube heating systems, also can be applied to city apartments, suburb villa, cooling, air-conditioning, boilers and solar systems etc.


  • - Voltage: 230 V
  • - Frequency: 50 hz
  • - Max power: 100 W
  • - Head / Lift: 6 Meters
  • - Length: 130 mm
  • - Threading: 20 mm



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